Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Tito Tahan, Launches Record Label

Tito Tahan is lighting up the music industry and has been one of tv’s top placed sync licensing music producers for almost a decade. Tito is a professional sync licensing expert with music in hundreds of tv shows and films airing seasonally. Now, he’s in position to expand his musical endeavors by launching his own imprint - ProducerLife, a production, music library, and label service company.

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The multi-platinum awarded music producer mentioned his latest power move in a recent article. Now he is set to launch ProducerLife - a production, music library and label services company. Tahan recently signed his first recording artist - Bravenn Dehill to lead the label. Dehill will spearhead the label's unique approach to creating music and release his first single August, 1st titled - "#OOKS" short for (One Of a Kind Sh*t).

PorducerLife offers a full fledged state of the art recording studio and live remote online recording and production sessions. The label utilizes an extreme set of resources from, music production to mixing, music libraries to NFT development, distribution to publishing and artist development. Tito who is considered an independent music producer, has not yet shared any details at the present time about ProducerLife’s involvement with any major label infrastructure partnerships.

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Tito is actively looking to sign new acts to ProducerLife. This includes rappers, singers, song writers, producers, videographers, photographers, admins, comedians and uniquely talented creatives. Interested in learning more about Tito Tahan and his related opportunities? Visit his website or follow his Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.