My Mum, Your Dad airs final decisions

My Mum, Your Dad spoilers follow.

My Mum, Your Dad has aired its big final decisions, with the parents being reunited with their children.

Last night's (September 21) episode saw the parents discover that their children had been watching their exploits in The Retreat all along, and the group were shocked by Davina McCall's reveal.

Tonight's (September 22) finale rounded up the action, with the children being given the power to make the all-important decision of blessing their parents' prospective relationships.

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As Davina shut down the surveillance room, she informed the children that they would soon be reunited with their parents, before being given the chance to chat with their parents' matches.

Up first were Natalie and Paul. Their respective children - Kaliel and Mazey – both gave them their blessing as they were described as a "perfect match", with the group all smiles as they shared drinks.

It wasn't smooth sailing for Monique and Martin M, however, as Taiya expressed her concerns about their suitability when chatting with her mother.

Monique took this on board and decided to end things with Martin before their children arrived for the final conversation, citing his lack of interest in her as a person for the reason of the split.

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Sharon and Elliott were up next, with Tia and Zachary wielding the power in regards to their relationship. Despite expressing some doubts, both children gave their blessing, with a tearful Sharon thanking both for their kind words.

Janey and Roger were the final ones to face the music, and William and Jess both said how happy the pair looked together.

After all the decisions were made, the group reconvened back at The Retreat for a final drink together, with Roger leading a toast as they all looked towards the future.

My Mum, Your Dad airs on weekdays on ITV1.

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