My Mum, Your Dad's Caroline on the date viewers didn't get to see

My Mum, Your Dad's Caroline has revealed that she went on a secret date with Clayton that wasn't aired on the show.

"I got put on a date with Roger and also Clayton, but you don't see the date with Clayton because it didn't lead to anything romantic, so they didn't show it," Caroline told OK! Magazine.

Although there weren't any sparks between her and Clayton, Caroline still had a great time with him — cheeky conversation and all.

"The date was really, really good. We did pottery," she shared. "And we didn't realise that my daughter Karli and [Clayton's son] Christian had earpieces in and were telling the guys instructing us what to say. It was really quite rude, a lot of sexual innuendos, but we were loving it."

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The new ITV reality show follows a group of midlife singletons who hope to find love, unaware that their children are secretly acting as matchmakers.

Caroline ultimately didn't meet her match on the show. As well as her unaired date with Clayton, she went on two dates with Roger before he found a stronger connection with Janey.

"Clayton's personality is definitely my type. He cracks me up so much, he makes me laugh," Caroline said, admitting: "I think Clayton's more my type [than Roger], but I'm not Clayton's type, but we just get on really well."

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Their friendship has blossomed after the show, with Caroline revealing: "I speak to him every day, we FaceTime every single day."

Caroline also explained that her opinion on dating has changed since appearing on the show. "I'm less negative about men. There [are] a lot of good guys out there," she said.

The reality star then shared advice to other women who want to start dating: "You need to be happy in yourself first. I always say you don't need a partner to make you happy — you need someone to enhance your already happy life."

My Mum, Your Dad airs on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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