New mum Zhang Xinyi: I have no time to lose weight!

26 Jun – Chinese actress Zhang Xinyi was not amused by people's comments about her weight, after having given birth to her first baby only a few months ago.

As reported on Phoenix, the "Miss Puff" star, who welcomed her son in February this year, took to Weibo to share her thoughts about the issue, expressing her hope that the public will be more tolerant and respectful to mothers with babies.

She said that after "surviving morning sickness, stretch marks, mastitis, postpartum depression, postpartum hair loss, and the ups and downs of life, giving up careers and giving up carefree life", people should have more understanding that breastfeeding mothers are really tired.

Zhang herself admitted that her body has yet to fully recover, and she hasn't had a good sleep because she is breastfeeding her son.

"There is no time to go on a diet and lose weight. I just want to experience motherhood quietly. I hope not to be distracted by the media," she added.