Mumbai Sees Rapid Vaccination Coverage in 18-44 Age Group, 12% in 45-59 Category Still Not Vaccinated

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Despite the slow start of vaccination drive in Mumbai, the Maharashtra capital has seen the swiftest inoculation coverage in the recent months in the 18-44 age group.

According to the latest estimates, 61 percent of the population have received at least one dose even though the inoculation pace was low in May and June, a statement in The Times of India said.

However, those in 45-59 years age group and above 60 years have not been vaccinated entirely with one dose yet. While, 88 percent in the 45-59 age group have been vaccinated with one dose, 96.7 percent of senior citizens have got at least one dose.

In terms of the share of vaccine jabs, the maximum share has gone to the 18-44 age bracket while 29 percent have gone to those between 45-59 and 19 percent have been given to the senior citizens, the report said.

Only 7 percent of those between 18-44 have got their both doses so far, 52 percent have received the doses in the 45-59 age group while 66 percent of those above 60 have got both doses.

Recently, Centre informed the Bombay High Court that at least 91.81 lakh doses were supplied to Maharashtra instead of the scheduled allocation of 86.74 lakh doses for the month of August.

While the vaccination of senior citizens and those above 45 with comorbidities started in March, vaccination for those above 45 followed later.

The inoculation drive for those between 18-44 started from May 1 but a new policy put the onus on states. During this period, Maharashtra could only vaccinate those between 18-44 for 12 days before diverting them for older groups.

The group could only get the vaccination after June 21 when the centre revised the vaccination policy to cover those above 18.

Experts say that the wider inoculation for those between 18-44 was due to the ease of technology among the group and their comfortable use of Cowin platform.

Another official points out that people in the 18-44 age group have the highest share in the Mumbai's population. Out of the 93 lakh adults, 59 lakh are in the 18-44 age group.

In the 45-59 age group, around 12 percent or 2.3 lakh people have not taken even a single dose.

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