86% Mumbaikars Have Covid Antibodies Finds Fifth Sero Survey; Higher in Women

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The fifth sero survey conducted by the BMC in Mumbai has foudn Covid-19 antibodies in over 86 per cent population. Conducted on participants above 18 years of age from all 24 wards of the city of Greater Mumbai, the survey found that antibodies were present in 90.26 percent people who were fully or partially vaccinated, and in 79.86 per cent of those who weren’t.

Conducted on a sample size of 8,674, the sero survey “could be instrumental in identifying trends of the upcoming third wave and the exposure of the population to the virus”. The BMC’s sample size includes vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people from different age groups. The survey was conducted in August, for which the civic body collected samples from laboratories as well as physical collection.

Key Findings of the Study:

1. The overall sero-prevalence in the city is 86.64%. The study estimates around 87.02 % prevalence in slums and 86.22 % prevalence in nonslums in the 24 wards.

2. Sero-prevalence among males is 85.07% and sero-prevalence among females is 88.29% which is higher in comparison.

3. Almost 65% of the study subjects received COVID-19 vaccine and 35% did not receive any vaccine.

4. Sero-prevalence amongst partially and fully vaccinated participants is 90.26%.

5. Sero-prevalence amongst those who have not taken COVID-19 vaccine is 79.86%.

6. Out of total samples, 20% were health care workers. Sero-prevalence in health care workers is 87.14%.

7. The age-wise sero-prevalence varies from 80% to 91% among the study subjects.

Vaccines are working

Interestingly, the study found that the pathogens were significantly higher in those who had received either first or both doses of Covid-19 vaccine as compared to their unvaccinated counterparts. It also found that the overall sero-prevalence in slums and non-slum areas is much higher as compared to the findings of the last sero survey.

The report highlights that despite the higher presence of antibodies, precautions like use of masks, hand hygiene and maintaining safe distance must be followed.

As the sero-prevalence amongst those who are vaccinated is much higher than the unvaccinated counterparts, it is essential to strengthen the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination program, it recommends.

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