Musang King season in Raub - Fama


KUANTAN: Durian lovers can go to Raub to savour the highly sought after Musang King which is now in season.

According to the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) state director Hasan Jusoh, the durian was fruiting earlier than the usual season from April to August.

“Last week, the farm price of Musang King dropped from RM50 per kg to RM38 per kilogramme with increasing supply.

“However the retail price is around RM50 to RM60 per kg depending on the condition and freshness of the fruit and the area it is sold,” he told Bernama.

Hasan said Musang King orchard owners are more comfortable selling the fruits themselves and would refer to FAMA if they want to export to Singapore and Brunei which have extraordinarily strong demand for the fruit.--BERNAMA