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'No more broken treasures': This genius gel keeps fragile items from toppling over

Have any glass vases, crystal figurines, delicate ceramics or porcelain dinner plates in your home? If so, you probably prefer them intact rather than as a collection of broken pieces on the floor. But if you have pets, kids — heck, even a stompy spouse — your precious possessions are at risk of falling. Luckily, Ready America's Museum Gel exists. Stick a little ball of this clear putty to the bottom of whatever object you want to stay in place, and it'll keep it from budging. Really!

Don't put your fragile treasures in a sticky situation — keep them protected with this highly rated goo. 

$11 at Amazon

It wouldn't be so far off to think of this Museum Gel as Silly Putty for grown-ups. It's got the same squishy, moldable consistency, and while you might be tempted to play with it, it actually serves an important purpose for homes filled with fragile items. All you do is tear off a small piece, roll it into a ball and stick it onto the bottom of anything that's in danger of toppling over. Easy breezy!

Because it's clear, no one will even know it's there, and if you ever need to move the item, the putty won't leave any marks behind. You can even reuse it! It's an absolute lifesaver if you have curious cats, jumpy dogs, energetic children — or even live in an area where earthquakes are prone to happening.

While you won't want to hang anything on your walls with the Museum Gel, it's safe to use on surfaces such as glass, polished wood and metal. And it's not just for valuables! It's also great for keeping drawer and cabinet organizers from sliding all around so they'll, you know, actually look organized.

hands holding the museum gel
Museum Gel isn't just for displaying historic artifacts — you'll find so many uses for it around your home. (Photo: Amazon)

Over 5,700 Amazon customers were so pleased with the Museum Gel, they logged back on to give it a perfect five-star rating:

"No more broken treasures," wrote a relieved pet owner. "Can't live without this. All my collectibles are attached to their place with this great stuff! With nine cats running through [the] house, this stuff is a lifesaver. And it is easy to remove."

"We live in an older house and every time someone would walk through the dining room there would be a rattling of the figurines and decorative dishes in the glass shelves of the display curios," shared another happy shopper. "With [this] putty there is not a sound now. Everything stays perfectly still. I love it."

"My drawer organizers were sliding all around in my kitchen drawers and driving me nuts," lamented a final fan. "I added a few pieces of the clear putty to the bottom of the organizers and they haven’t moved since. Even worked with a small amount under my large silverware organizer. Also worked really well to hold up long candlesticks that had a tendency to lean to one side."

This Silly Putty for adults is no laughing matter — it takes its job seriously!

$11 at Amazon

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