How Music Endears Aung La N Sang To Fans

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No matter where he competes, Aung La “The Burmese Python” N Sang has one of the most incredible walkouts in ONE Championship.

But crowd reactions are most intense at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar, where Aung La N Sang is celebrated as a national hero.

“The Burmese Python” often enters the belly of the arena to the electrified beats of Myanmar rock anthem “Amae Like Akah,” and as he makes his way to the ONE Circle, his compatriots join him in song and dance.

“Lay Phyu is a super-famous rocker in Myanmar,” the 34-year-old said about the iconic Burmese singer and guitarist. “He has been famous since I was a little kid and grew up there. This song is very popular during the Water Festival. It gets the Burmese people excited.”

The energy from the song and spectators leaves the Myanmar sports hero in awe every time he competes in his home country.

“It’s crazy [to feel that energy from the crowd],” he said. “You’re no longer nervous or scared. You’re just ready to go out there and do your thing. You have so much energy from the crowd.”

The two-division ONE World Champion wanted his walkout music to reflect his warrior mentality, and it was no surprise that the Myanmar fans took a liking to it.

“When I fought in Myanmar, instead of choosing an English song, I ended up choosing that one and it really fired the crowd up,” Aung La N Sang said about his anthem.

“It’s a very good song to get the crowd pumped up. Ever since I made that switch, I’ve always used that one song.

“It’s like a hunter is hunting a deer, or looking for its prey, and that’s just the kind of attitude that you should have.”

The man from Myanmar feeds off the crowd’s energy and uses it as fuel to put on exciting shows. Thanks to fan support, “The Burmese Python” is undefeated in his homeland with a perfect 7-0 record.

“You have so much energy from the crowd,” he said. “It definitely makes you more alert, more aware, and more confident when you walk out.”

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