Muslim artisans in Cuttack make decorative items for Hindu festivals

Cuttack (Odisha), October 4th (ANI): Examples of peaceful and harmonious co-existence could be spotted in different nook and corners of India. One such example is that of Muslim artisans in Cuttack city of Odisha, who have been making decorative items for Hindu festivals like Durga Puja and others for generations as a symbol of brotherhood and bonhomie between the two communities. These are the residents of Chunghbhati gali in Balu Bazaar area of Cuttack city. These artisans have been making decorative items for Hindu Gods and Goddesses for years. Every year, before the festival of Navratra and Dussehra, all members of the family start making decorative items for pandals, statues and effigies of Goddess Durga and Raavan. For the last two years their business was adversely affected due to the pandemic as public gatherings were strictly prohibited. However, this year their business has somehow witnessed a revival. It is through their artistry and love for their fellow citizens that these artisans are presenting a beautiful picture of undivided and united India.

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