Muslim man making creative Rakhis for Rakshabandhan festival

Ahmedabad(Gujarat), August 23(ANI): Decked up with a range of colourful rakhis, the shop of Behlim Iqbal has become the talk of the town in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. This shop sells Rakhis with beautiful and meaningful messages scribbled on them which are nicely decorated on their covers. Presently as the entire world is fighting with pandemic, Iqbal used his creativity to create awareness about virus along with the importance of vaccination. Though Raksha Bandhan is a prominent Hindu festival on which sisters tie rakhis on their brother’s wrist and wish for their wellbeing and prosperity, Iqbal being a Muslim never fails to reach upto the expectations of his buyers, who really admire the uniqueness of his rakhis. Iqbal has been showcasing his creativity along with giving out loud the message of religious harmony and brotherhood for years. It is these small efforts by ordinary people like Iqbal that make a huge difference in the future and contribute to strengthening the secular fabric of our country.

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