Muslim man sentenced to death in Pakistan for 'blasphemous' Facebook post

A Muslim man in Pakistan has been sentenced death for posting a “blasphemous” post on Facebook.

Taimoor Raza was arrested in 2016 for posting content that was regarded as ‘offensive’ about Sunni leaders and the wives of Prophet Mohammed.

He had previously been arrested by the counter-terrorism force after a member of the public complained that he was showing people offensive material on his phone at a bus stop.

Taimoor Raza was convicted over posts he wrote on Facebook (Rex/stock photo)

The 30-year-old – a Shia Muslim – has now been sentenced to death in Bahawalpur in eastern Punjab province.

Amnesty International described strict for breaking Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws – which sees anyone accused of insulting God, Islam or a religious leader potentially being sentenced to death – are a violation of human rights and are often used against religious minorities.

Audrey Gaughran, the director of global issues and research at the charity, said: “Once a person is accused, they become ensnared in a system that offers them few protections, presumes them guilty, and fails to safeguard them against people willing to use violence.”

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Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered “blasphemous” content on social media to be removed or blocked, in a severe clampdown on Internet free speech.

No one convicted of blasphemy in the country has yet been executed.

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