Muslim NGO urges Selangor govt not to demolish Royingya school

Esther Landau

SERDANG: Serantau Muslim, a non-governmental organisation, is appealing to the Selangor state government to halt a plan to demolish a school for the Rohingyas here.

Its chairman Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaacob, during a press conference at the school today, said the school administrator has been given two notices from the state authority to relocate to another area.

In the notice, he said teachers and students were told to move out of the area within 14 days from the date of the issuance of the letters (Dec 29 and Mac 14), to make way for a flood mitigation project.

“The school was not given any choice or alternative by the state government to relocate to another location. Where would they go?

“Only notices were given to remind the school management to move out from this area or the Selangor authorities will not hesitate to demolish the buildings.

“On behalf of the children and as an organisation that has helped these refugees, we would like to appeal to the Selangor government not to demolish the buildings as this the only place these children can get their education,” Raja Ahmad Iskandar said.

The school, which was built on a government land in Sri Serdang since 2013, has a total of 37 Rohingya pupils from Year One to Six.

Some of the pupils were also orphans and sought shelter at the school.