Muslims must show to the world that Islam does not hinder success

Manirajan Ramasamy

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslims must show that, Islam is not a hindrance and an obstruction to being successful and they are recognised in all fields.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Muslims should be acknowledged in the fields of knowledge, management, governance and others, as well as to show that Muslims can govern themselves and be progressive and knowledgeable.

"As you know, the Quran says Allah will only help, if you help yourself. Are we doing that? Sometimes I feel we are not helping ourselves and are actually doing things that drive people away from Islam, " Dr Mahathir said when opening the International Da' Wah Institute-Perkim, Kuala Lumpur here today.

"Islam is a good religion and is also a way of life. It’s the way of life of Muslims that will impress people and they will see that Islam is a good religion. Unfortunately, we see people, projecting Islam as a religion that is unsuccessful in many ways, " he said.

At the same time, he stressed that, Muslims today are living in troubled times.

"They are fighting and killing each other. They can't even govern their countries. They are poor, without knowledge, skills and ability to support themselves."

Dr Mahathir said, what is happening currently is Muslims are doing things not in accordance to the teachings of Islam.

"In the first place, Islam tell us that, we are brothers but we are not behaving like brothers. We are fighting each other. Islam forbids killing but we are killing each other."

He said Islam advocates fairness and justice but we are not practising it.

"Not only in Malaysia, but in other countries as well. Due to the wrongdoings of our Muslim brothers, Islam gets a bad image. "

Dr Mahathir said this bad image is not likely to attract people to this great religion.

"If we want to practise da'wah (spreading Islam), we are all required to spread teachings of Islams correctly. We must show that those who embrace the teachings of Islam will be successful not only in akhirat (afterlife) but in this world. "

Unfortunately, he said, "We are not stressing on those things. It is time for us to review our behaviour. Are we living the life of a Muslim? I feel we have failed to do so."

Giving his reasons, the Prime Minister said Muslims are backward people, poor, even begging others for help and when we are in such a situation, I don’t think people will be attracted to the teachings of Islam.

Therefore, he said all this goes down to the spreading the da'wah to all the people and showing the success of all Muslims, their love for peace and brotherly attitude towards other Muslims.

" They should not be enemies of the people who don’t attack them. It’s part of the teachings of Islam."

" If we do that, Muslims will show good example to the world at large, to the communities, and the people will be attracted towards the teachings of Islam which has given success to Muslims. "

He said all this should be taught to preachers and missionaries and the way of spreading da' wah is by showing the success in the life of Muslims.

"I hope I did perform the task of spreading true teachings of Islam especially based on the Quran, which is the principal guidance as to the teachings of Islam."

"There will be teachings of Islam by others, but others give their own interpretation but the Quran is the word of Allah." he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd