Must-see moments from the NBA playoffs: Beal's ridiculous flop

There were plenty of eye-catching moments from the NBA playoffs this past week, including Bradley Beal’s comical flop as well as a couple of altercation in the Celtics-Wizards matchup. Yahoo Singapore picks out a selection.

Bradley Beal’s ridiculous flop

Bradley Beal committed possibly the worst flop in NBA this year against the Celtics. (Photo: AP)

In Game three of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals playoffs, Washington Wizard’s Bradley Beal committed possibly the worst flop seen in the association this season.

The shooting guard was shadowing Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas after teammate Marcin Gortat scored a basket. As Thomas took the inbound and began moving up the court, Celtics centre Al Horford set a screen to help him get away from Beal.

The screen look like a successful one, until Beal decided to fling himself onto the ground like a seal, even though contact between Horford and Beal was minimal at best.

The worst part of it was that the referees bought it and called a foul on Horford, and Beal enthusiastically applauded the decision.

While the decision was a bad one, the flop has since been turned into a shooting stars meme by internet users (since when has the internet ever disappoint?).


John Wall has eyes at the back of his head

Washington Wizards point-guard John Wall showed that he has eyes at the back of his head – or that he can see 360 degrees on the court – after a couple of incredible passes.

In Game four of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals playoffs against the Boston Celtics, Wall fooled defenders on two occasions.

The first came midway in the second quarter of the game. After sizing up Isaiah Thomas and getting by him easily, Wall drew the attention of Kelly Olynyk.  He somehow got the ball to Marcin Gortat by passing it around Olynyk’s body, leaving Gortat with an easy deuce.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Wall did a similar feat in the next quarter too. After blowing past two defenders, Wall pretended to look back for a passing option, only to float the ball over to the Gortat, who was left open under the basket by the unsuspecting Celtics defenders. Gortat subsequently dropped the ball into the basket with a beautiful reverse lay-up.

There’s no doubt that Wall is one of the best passers in the game right now.

Fights and more fights 

Staying on the Wizards – Celtics matchup, there were plenty of drama in Game Three.

First, Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk was sent flying by Wizards’ Kelly Oubre Jr, after the Celtics centre threw an elbow at the latter’s face while setting a screen.

The referees spotted it and blew for a foul almost immediately, but that did not stop Oubre from charging at the Celtics player.

Like a wild bull charging at a red flag, Oubre ran at full force towards Olynyk after picking himself up from the floor, and the impact sent Olynyk flying into the ground with force. That started a shoving match between both sets of players, as tempers started to flare.

Unsurprisingly, Oubre was ejected from the game. He was also handed a one-game suspension by the NBA.

This was not the only altercation between the teams, though. In the same game, Brandon Jennings and Terry Rozier had a bit going on between them, with both players coming together a couple of times.

Both were ejected, with Celtics coach Brad Stevens also getting into the middle of it somehow.


Safe to say, it was a feisty Game 3 – one befitting of the playoffs.

LeBron shoots a three-pointer… like a free throw

LeBron James continue to remind why he is the king of basketball in the playoffs. And should anyone continue to doubt it, this play surely answers all of those doubts.

In Game 2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Toronto Raptors, James drained a three-pointer. It wasn’t just a simple three-pointer though.

Up against Serge Ibaka, one of the toughest defender in the league, James stood behind the arc, then spun the ball a couple of times as though he was taking a free-throw before nonchalantly shooting the ball as though Ibaka wasn’t there.

The ball swished through the net effortlessly. The best part of it? James jogged back to his own half of the court while looking as though it was something he did on a daily basis.