Must-see sports moments of the week: Dramatic knock-out floors BOTH fighters

There were plenty of eye-catching sporting moments from the past week, including a dramatic conclusion to an MMA fight and a vintage performance on the football field.

Rare double knock-out in MMA fight

There isn’t a more exciting finish to an MMA bout than the rare double knockout. Screenshot: Shamrock FC

It was a match that has to be seen to be believed. Alan Vasquez and Axel Cazares knocked each other out during the Shamrock FC 285 on Saturday.

In a dramatic conclusion to the match, both fighters swung their right hands at each other at the same time, and both fell.

Surprisingly, one fighter was still declared the winner. Guess who.

Russell Westbrook threads the needle in sick assist

In another incredible performance that got him his 34th triple-double of the season, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook made jaws drop with this cross court assist.

In a match against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night (Friday morning Singapore time) Westbrook spotted Victor Oladipo from half court and threaded the needle with this pass through – yes, through – Cory Joseph’s legs for Oladipo to make the bucket.

You’ll have to watch it from two different angles to believe it.

Old is gold – 50-year-old breaks record with goal

Japanese veteran footballer Kazuyoshi Miura proves that age is no barrier to record-breaking feats. The 50-year old netted a goal on Sunday in a second tier league game to become the oldest professional footballer to score a goal. The feat broke a 52-year-old record held by former England international Stanley Matthews. Even Miura’s energetic post-goal celebration belies his age.

Alligator on the golf course? No worries.

Cody Gribble wasn’t about to let an alligator on the golf course ruin his game.

On Thursday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Gribble nonchalantly walked up to the alligator and tapped its tail, startling it into the water nearby.

We don’t recommend that you try this if you encounter a similar situation.