MUTV to broadcast in Myanmar for first time

Manchester United supporters in Myanmar will soon be able to catch more of their heroes in action on the TV screen, as the club annouced on Monday the extension of its dedicated television channel MUTV.

MUTV will broadcast for the first time in the Southeast Asian nation. as well as Norway, which will bring the number of countries it is shown in to 56. It will air on SkyNet and TV2 Norway respectively in those two new countries, while a deal has also been struck to extend its partnership with Icelandic TV station 365.

Myanmar's SkyNet has expressed optimism that MUTV will flourish in the football-mad nation, with 23 million viewers tuning in to catch gams within the first seven months of last season's Premier League-winning campaign.

SkyNet was established in 2010, and the pay TV platform broadcasts 84 channels, including five HD channels and 20 in-house package ones. A good mix of programme genres tailors to everyone's needs, with the station's five sports channels establishing it as the leading football broadcaster in Myanmar.

MUTV's arrival in Norway will further boost its profile there, with the official Scandinavian supporters' club already boasting more members than any other official branches worldwide.

The extension of MUTV's partnership with Iceland's 365 will allow the channel to continue showing MUTV footage to the club's Icelandic followers for the next two years.

Manchester United Commercial Director Richard Arnold hailed the new deals.

"Manchester United is fortunate enough to have 659 million followers around the globe and the creation of agreements, like the ones we have with SkyNet, TV2 and 365, allows us to bring them closer to the club they love," he said.

"The new agreements mean that MUTV now has 22 international broadcast partners covering 56 territories worldwide, including parts of Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Through our partnerships, tens of millions of people now have access to MUTV content.

"The dedicated channel already creates some unique and distinctive content and, with the development of our network of broadcast partners, we are able to invest in this further.  By teaming up with reputable media houses like SkyNet, TV2 and 365 we can ensure that this content is delivered in right way, reaching key audiences."


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