Man sexually assaulted landlord's 12-year-old daughter while watching football in flat

Singapore state courts (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

SINGAPORE — He molested a family friend’s 12-year-old daughter whom he had known since she was six years old.

On Monday (22 April), Nay Lin Tun, a 38-year-old Myanmar national, was jailed three years in the State Courts after he admitted to one count of sexual penetration of a minor. One count of committing an indecent act with the girl, now 16, was taken into consideration for sentencing.

Nay Lin Tun had come to Singapore with his wife in 2007 to work as a technician. The couple rented a room with the victim’s family, who was also from Myanmar, and moved into their flat two years later. The two families developed a close-knit relationship, according to the prosecution.

His wife found a job in Myanmar and returned home in mid-2015 while her husband stayed behind in Singapore. It was around this period when Nay Lin Tun committed the offence.

He was watching football on the sofa in the living room when the girl, then 12 years old, joined him. After a while, she asked Nay Lin Tun if a person would feel pain if his testicles were hit by a football.

At one point, Nay Lin Tun asked the girl if she ever tried performing oral sex on a man. When the girl replied she had not, Nay Lin Tun offered to let her try the act on him. He undid his sarong and the two engaged in oral sex.

The following year, Nay Lin Tun returned to Myanmar. The victim lodged a police report on 13 October 2017, more than two years after the incident. Details of Nay Lin Tun’s return to Singapore and arrest are not publicly available.

Deputy Public Prosecutor James Chew sought a jail term of between 30 and 36 months, noting the close relationship that Nay Lin Tun had with the victim’s family after staying with them for six years. Nay Lin Tun had abused their relationship, DPP Chew added.

Nay Lin Tun’s lawyers, Ng Shi Yang and Marjorie Kong from the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Fellowship, sought a jail term of between 24 and 30 months.

The lawyers said that Nay Lin Tun’s daughter, who was born in end-2017, was suffering from birth defects, which caused her urine to flow into her uterus, resulting in urinal infection.

“She had to undergo multiple operations and is presently still being treated,” Ng told the court.

“Mr Nay is deeply saddened about being unable to be physically present for his family during this difficult period and hopes to be able to return to Myanmar to take care of them after serving his sentence.”

For sexually penetrating a minor under 14, Nay Lin Tun could have been jailed up to 20 years, and fined or caned.

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