MyRepublic launches first mobile plans for supporters, won't charge for excess data usage

A screenshot of MyRepublic’s mobile website

In its foray into mobile services, Singapore fibre broadband operator MyRepublic launched its first two mobile plans exclusively for its subscribers and supporters on Wednesday (16 May).

MyRepublic, which recently announced a tie-up with local telco StarHub to become Singapore’s newest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), unveiled on its website two no-contract and SIM-only plans that come with 1,000 minutes talk time and 1,000 text messages.

Its “Uno” plan offers 1GB of data at $8 per month, while its “Ultimate” plan offers 80GB of data at $80 a month.

The plans have a “boundless data” feature, which means users will not be charged for exceeding data limits. Instead, the mobile data speed under the plans will be reduced.

MyRepublic’s two exclusive mobile plans for supporters

MyRepublic spokesperson Fabian Lau, however, said reduced speeds will still be sufficient for the most common internet uses, such as surfing, email, Google Maps, chatting and WhatsApp calls. Users may also still be able to watch YouTube videos but at lower quality levels.

Customers who want extra data at the same speed as their original plans can also add one-time or monthly recurring data boosters from $3.50 for 500MB of data and from $5 for 1GB a month, respectively.

While the two plans are exclusive to existing subscribers and supporters – those referred to as “Friends of MyRepublic” – the offers can also extend to their family and friends.

MyRepublic’s data boosters

The plans require Friends of MyRepublic participants to unlock the MyRepublic mobile website with a code. The company will send each of these users five codes to share with friends and family over the next few days.

The first batch of customers who sign up for the plans, which will be offered for an unspecified period, will be able to start using the network on 21 May when they receive their SIM cards.

Lau said that plans for the general public will be offered in due course, but he declined to share details on what the plans may be like.

MyRepublic, which began as an internet service provider, is tapping on StarHub’s infrastructure to offer mobile services in Singapore, similar to another MVNO, Circles.Life, which uses M1’s infrastructure. It current has around 73,000 internet service subscribers .

MyRepublic, which is backed by French billionaire Xavier Niel and the telecommunication arm of Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas, lost its bid to become the fourth telco in Singapore after the license was awarded to Australia-based TPG Telecom in December 2016.