Mysterious Jelly-like Creature Surfaces on Australian Beach, People Play Guessing Game

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A mysterious brown jelly-like creature spotted at Kemp Beach in Yeppoonon the southern section of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland has left viewers baffled. The pictures of the unidentified creature were shared by a Facebook page named Australian Native Animals on Monday. In the pictures, a brown jelly-like ‘sunburnt’ lump can be sitting at the beach amongst the low tide. While it has left the users puzzled, some of the users identify it as tomato jellyfish. The caption of the post reads, “A friend just posted this on her FB asking if anyone knew what it could be? She said it looked jellyish.”

As soon as the post has been shared, netizens took to the comment section to make their guesses. One of the users wrote, “Sunburnt blobfish aka Peter sterling fish,” while a second user called it “a bit of a lion’s mane jellyfish.” A third user commented, “So I’ve done a little research (googling) and from what I can see/find it appears to be a tomato jellyfish (Crambione Mastigophora).” A fourth user wrote, “Pretty sure it’s the same as a heap washed up in Port Hedland at the moment. Definitely, a jellyfish if it’s the same ones as up here.” One of the users even shared an image of a brown jellyfish similar to the tomato jellyfish which appears similar to the one found at Queensland beach.

Difference between tomato jellyfish and blobfish:

Tomato Jellyfish: These washes onto shore and sometimes give off a nasty odour. Though the species is not deadly to humans but can give a nasty sting on being touched. Their diet is unknown, however, they depend upon plankton species for food.

Blobfish: It’s a part of a family called the fathead sculpins, and is found in marine waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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