'MythBusters' returns: 'The Airbag Test' sneak peek

Mandi Bierly
Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

MythBusters is back! On Nov. 15, the former Discovery hit is resurrected on the Science Channel with new hosts Brian Louden and Jon Lung. Yahoo Entertainment has a sneak peek of the premiere, which finds the guys using a synthetic cadaver to test whether an airbag explosion can be lethal to a front-seat passenger whose feet are on the dashboard. Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty.

Also on tap for the first of 14 new episodes: “Brian and Jon tackle the classic cinematic trope of delayed causality and try to find out if it’s really possible to decapitate a bad guy, zombie, or monster so fast, so accurately, that the head and body hold in position for a dramatic pause. To find the answer, they build and test a rocket-powered sword,” the Science Channel promises.

Louden and Lung were the winning contestants of the host-seeking series MythBusters: The Search. Louden is a biologist from Texas who also worked as a drilling engineer in the energy business. Look for his rescue dog, Bo Dingo, to occasionally get in on the action as MythDog. Native New Yorker Lung is a trained engineer and a product designer who’s most likely to be found in the shop or a junkyard.

They seem to be ready to uphold the legacy of original hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman — and that duo’s penchant for blowing things up. According to the Science Channel: “Other myths this season will determine if a burglar stuck in a chimney could be shot skywards if a homeowner lights his propane-powered fireplace, the possibility of igniting a lethal campsite catastrophe by cigarette lighter and a sleeping bag full of flatulence, whether a lumberjack can accidentally chop himself down by cutting into a tree and striking an embedded bullet, and more.”

The new season of MythBusters premieres Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. on the Science Channel.