N. Korean embassy counsellor facilitating Ri Jong-chol deportation


PUTRAJAYA: North Korean embassy counsellor (consulate and administration) Kim Yu-song declined comment on the deportation of Ri Jong-chol, as the former left the Putrajaya Immigration Department today.

Yu-Song, who arrived at about 10am, spent about two hours at Immigration, where he is believed to have facilitated the deportation process of Jong-chol, the North Korean citizen detained as part of a probe into the murder of Kim Jong-nam.

Upon leaving the premises, Yu-song was ambushed and surrounded by the press, who bombarded him with many questions.

The counsellor was asked about when Jong-chol will leave the country, the condition of his family, and details of his flight out.

But Yu-song repeatedly said: "No comment."

When asked if he would issue a statement or hold a press conference, he said: "Maybe. I am busy now."

Jong-chol, 47, was brought to the Immigration Department from the Sepang police headquarters this morning after his remand period ended.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali had said yesterday that Jong-Chol was released due to insufficient evidence to charge him for the murder of Jong-Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Apandi said Jong-chol must be deported, as he does not possess valid documents.

Jong-chol had been in remand since Feb 18 after investigators discovered that he had driven one of the four North Korean men wanted in the high-profile murder.