Nagorno-Karabakh town damaged by recent shelling

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region continued on Tuesday (November 3) in multiple locations along the front line.

The ethnic Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh Emergency and Rescue Service said the enclave's two largest cities, Stepanakert and Shushi, were being shelled and that a civilian was wounded as a

result of an attack on a maternity hospital.

Azerbaijan said its positions on the border with Armenia had been fired on with mortar bombs and small arms and that the city of Fizuli, between Nagorno-Karabakh and Iran, had been shelled.

Armenia's defense ministry denied the reported shelling of Fizuli and reported an attack - denied by Azerbaijan - in the direction of Karvajar, a town in the northwestern part of the conflict zone.

The ethnic Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh defense ministry says 1,177 of its troops have been killed since Sept. 27.

Azerbaijan does not disclose its military casualties, while Russia has estimated 5,000 deaths on both sides.

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