Najib commands BN to go on the offensive, attack Opposition's false claims


KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today sounded a rallying cry for Barisan Nasional to stop being defensive, and to go on the offensive.

In a blog posting on the back of a gathering with pro-BN social media activists, Najib said the coalition must be swift in its response, and not to get trapped, as what had occurred in the last general election where the Opposition had spread false news on the government, purportedly bringing in Bangladeshi voters to vote, as well as claims that the government had purportedly created blackouts in certain areas to manipulate votes.

“All these stories did not make any sense, but many were hoodwinked by it, which to a certain degree affected the voters and the election itself.

“I expect that in the coming election, the Opposition will be back with similar dirty tactics, throwing something we do not anticipate, making people angry and hating us.

“We have been in defensive mode for far too long. Enough is enough. It is now time to attack!” he said.

Najib said the dirty tactics employed by the Opposition were very clear. If they could not sweet talk the voters or convince them with their empty promises, their modus operandi was to confuse the people, leading to mistrust and anger towards the BN government.

“Remember, the Opposition only holds on to one principle that ‘If you cannot convince them, confuse them’,” he said.

In lauding the social media activists, Najib said they are commanders in the virtual world who has been loyal in defending the policies of BN, defending the party’s dignity and to dispel all the lies played out by the Opposition.

He urged the activists to have self-belief and to view themselves as not just activists, but as nationalists.

“The war today has changed. It is no longer in physical form or face to face, but in the virtual world.

“If we recall what happened two general elections ago, the BN government was exposed to attacks without soldiers who could deflect those attacks.

“But today, I can see improvements. We have successfully gathered many social media activists, our cyber space commanders who are loyal with BN, who believe in our struggle and our policies,” he said.