Najib congratulates 2 sisters' success in international chess championship


PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today congratulated two sisters for their achievements at the recent World Schools Chess Championship (WSCC) 2017.

Nur Anisah Salihin, 17, and her sister, Afiqah Zahra, 7, was ranked 13th and 3rd, respectively in the championship in their group categories.

Afiqah Zahra performed exceptionally well, finishing 3rd out of the 28 participants in the Girls under 7 category.

“We are proud of the two girls’ achievements and the sacrifices their parents have made to ensure their daughters could take part in the competition,” he said during a brief meeting with the two girls and their father Salihin Ahmad today.

It was reported that Salihin, who is a teacher, had to sell his other house in Segamat, Johor to finance their trip to the WSCC in Romania last month.

Such a sacrifice from the girls’ parents reflected their strong commitment in encouraging their daughters’ talents, which had raised the image of Malaysia, Najib added.

“We will support such a talent as it carries the Negaraku Malaysia name,” he said.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the other Malaysians who had taken part in the WSCC 2017.