Najib launches Wasatiyyah Kit


KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today launched the Wasatiyyah Kit at the Parliament lobby here.

The kit is aimed at humanising the wasatiyyah (moderation) approach in the lives of Malaysians.

According to a statement by the Malaysian Wasatiyyah Institute, the kit contains five books, including a book on the National Wasatiyyah Policy, which will serve as the main reference in implementing the policy to the community.

The book on the policy focuses on six strategic fields, namely education and youth, politics and nationalism, economy and development, security and defence, law and administration as well as social and unity.

“Also included is a book which contains a compilation of six of the Prime Minister’s exclusive speeches based on his thoughts on wasatiyyah, titled ‘Pendekatan Wasatiyyah dan Pelaksanaannya di Malaysia’.

“The works of Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Md Zin, Najib’s religious advisor and also the institute’s chairman, titled ‘Pendekatan Wasatiyyah: Definisi, Konsep dan Pelaksanaan’; ‘Pendekatan Wasatiyyah dalam Menangani Keganasan Pengalaman Malaysia’ and ‘Penghayatan Wasatiyyah dalam Pentadbiran Malaysia’ are also included,” it said.

Earlier, Najib chaired an hour-long National Wasatiyyah Policy Implementation Committee Meeting.

The meeting centred on discussions on the importance of being attentive to current and future challenges regarding issues, which could threaten the nation’s stability and harmony.