Nakaya Sayaka's autobiography a hit

Nakaya Sayaka's autobiography a hit

27 Apr – AKB48 member Nakaya Sayaka may not have been favoured by fans of the idol group, but she has been put into a different limelight when her published autobiography has become an unexpected hit among readers.

According to JPopAisia, Nakaya's autobiography titled "Hisebatsu Idol" has so far sold 40,000 copies with more reservations being made and a second print in progress.

"I think that people bought it because they thought it will be a 'kiss-and-tell' book," said Nakaya about her unexpected success as an author.

She added, "This book contains messages of support for members like me, I won't betray their expectations."

Nakaya also revealed that she was very much influenced by "Moshidora" creator Natsumi Iwasaki to write about her feelings, struggles and life as an unpopular idol into a book. She had to find time to do her writing in between concerts and rushed the manuscript as the deadline loomed.

Nakaya is a third generation member who successfully joined AKB48 in 2006 but only made her debut a year later. She has never been selected to be a senbatsu member in all of AKB48's three elections, but is an active voice actress, who voiced as one of the characters in "Moshidora" and the upcoming "AKB0048" anime.

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