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These adorable $11 caps help keep your bananas fresh: 'No more rotten nanners!'

bananas with hats
Keep your nanas from going brown...and save a bunch of green along the way. (Photo: Amazon)

In a perfect world, we could bring home our bananas ready to eat right away or put them away without fear of them turning to brown mush overnight. And for some, a banana with a dusting of freckles is way past its prime. Well, what if I told you there was a way to keep your 'nanas in perfect condition just a little longer? What if I also told you this method came in the form of a totally adorable Nana Hat and that you can get it on Amazon? If I've piqued your interest, scroll on — there could be a lot more banana splits in your future.

This little monkey hat goes over a BPA-free silicone cap that blocks the banana from emitting ethylene gas which helps bananas ripen.
$10 at Amazon

The inventor of these adorable "hats" brought the idea to Shark Tank after he bought a bunch of bananas that turned brown overnight. What he came up with is a tiny silicone cap that goes over the end of a banana to block it from emitting ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is what fruit gives off as it's ripening, which also speeds up the process. Bananas and avocados produce a lot of ethylene gas, which is why people suggest storing your ethylene-sensitive apples away from bananas, or why they say to put hard, unripe avos in a paper bag when you want guacamole, like, now.

That's the practical side of these caps; now let's get to the cute part. Just to make Nana Hats decorative, crocheted animals were added to the silicone cap — there are 12 cute critters to choose from, including an octopus, a cat and a puppy.

If you've been making a lot more banana bread than you need just to use up very ripe, very soft and very brown bananas, these cute little caps are made for you.

"OMG!! Amazing!! Kept my bananas good for a whole six days!! They never got overripe!!" raved a five-star fan. "I usually buy them super green and by the second day they are just right. NOW, I can buy them barely green and they are perfect the whole time!"

"Love it! Works and it makes me smile," raved a five-star fan. "Getting an extra few days out of the bananas! Plus, who could help smiling when you look at bananas wearing a unicorn hat? Life needs more happy and less overripe bananas."

"I got the watermelon," wrote another happy shopper. "It looks so cute, like a mini ski hat. Not only is this cute, but it works. I split up a bunch of bananas. Four days later the bananas with the hat on it was less ripe and firmer to the touch than the bananas without the hat."

"One of my best 2023 purchases," reported a rave reviewer. "I was a bit skeptical about the product but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. We got bananas (a bit yellow) at the store and then put these on. Four bananas stayed fresh for about eight days and they could have gone for another day or two. Overall a super fun product to give for a gift or even as a gift for yourself!"

"A nanna cap is perfect!" shared another five-star reviewer. "It’s a conversation piece and it’s useful. No more rotten nanners!"

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