Nancy Sit still grieving for Michael Lai

9 Dec – Veteran star Nancy Sit has yet to get over her grief following the death of noted Hong Kong composer, Michael Lai.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who were spotted at the taping of a special show for the said music director, couldn't help but shed a tear as she spoke to the media about the loss.

"I still couldn't accept it. I found a lot of clips of past collaborations with Michael on the internet and couldn't sleep," she said.

Nancy also revealed that she will be assisting Michael's family with the funeral as the two of them have known each other for decades. It is noted that the two of them once dated in the past.

Speaking about the days before his passing, the singer stated that she would often visit Michael at the hospital and tried to show a happy face in front of him in order not to cause concern.

"He made a success in the music world. There is nothing to be regretted," she added.

As for reports that Michael passed away from cancer, Nancy said that she would respect the family's wishes and not talk about it except that the musician left peacefully.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)