Nanyang Primary School sees outbreak of acute respiratory infections

53 students and 2 staff members down with symptoms, but none were tested positive for COVID-19

None of the students have tested positive for Covid-19.
None of the students have tested positive for Covid-19. (PHOTO: Google Street View)

SINGAPORE — Nanyang Primary School reported an outbreak of cases of acute respiratory infections on Tuesday (31 January), with 53 pupils and two staff members down with symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat.

The Straits Times reported Ministry of Health (MOH) saying that two pupils were hospitalised, but have since been discharged. No one had tested positive for COVID-19, but some had tested positive for influenza.

An MOH spokesperson said it is in contact with the school for infection control advice.

Home-based learning, wearing of face masks

According to The Straits Times, several cases of fever, cough and sore throat were detected at the school since last Thursday (26 January). This has caused some classes to do home-based learning on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The school's principal Wong Li Peng told the national broadsheet newspaper that, as a precaution, students were strongly encouraged to wear face masks in class this week. The school has also stopped physical morning assemblies and reduced group activities.

The school has notified parents that it would clean and disinfect its classrooms and common areas, and teachers would remind pupils to wash their hands frequently and wipe surfaces clean.

Cases stable in Singapore in the past month

According to MOH's official website, the number of acute respiratory infections cases has remained stable in the past month.

From 25 to 31 December, the ministry reported that 2,336 patients seeking treatment at its polyclinics for acute respiratory infections. The patient numbers were 2,560 between 1 and 7 January, 2,400 between 8 and 14 January, and 2,405 between 15 and 21 January.

According to the ministry, Singapore's influenza activity typically increases between May and July and between November and January.

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