The Napkin Project (Summer Vacation Edition): Chuck Tingle

The Napkin Project: Chuck TinglePhilip Friedman

Dear Traveler,

Please accept my apology. I know this little note is not the reading material you were expecting, but I couldn’t bring myself to return the magazine that slipped from your bag at the airport bar. You’re getting a cocktail napkin instead. I hope this doesn’t ruin your summer vacation.

I’ve always seen airports as a window into other worlds, other lives, other stories. I’d sit and imagine a vast network of cosmic strings connecting us travelers across space and time. Until today, this game was a metaphor.

Your copy of Esquire is from a year that hasn’t happened yet (2027), and features an ex-president I’ve never heard of (Pat Choate?) Half the menswear brands I know, while others are unrecognizable (who is Bill Gibb and why are these jackets so slick?). Christian Bale is on the cover (some things never change, I guess), but he’s musing on a potential return to his iconic role as James Bond.

At the risk of creating some universe-collapsing timeline paradox, I’m keeping this issue. It reminds me that there are other worlds out there, timelines where the people we love are still alive and well, where that one mistake we made never happened, and where we said exactly what we should’ve said when it mattered the most.

I also wanna find out more about Christian Bale’s Bond.

Enjoy your flight.

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