‘Nashville’ Gets Political as Maddie Calls Out Police for Racial Profiling

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The “(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I” episode of Nashville took on the hot button topic of police and racial profiling. While Maddie was riding in Clayton’s car as it was driving through an affluent neighborhood, they were questionably pulled over for a “rolling stop” at a supposed stop sign.

During the traffic stop, Clayton, who happens to be black, was extremely compliant and respectful to the arresting officers. Unfortunately, Maddie was so upset by the clear injustice of the traffic stop that she turned the incident into a giant scene.

When the officers asked Clayton to step out of the car, Maddie also jumped out, saying, “Why didn’t you ask me to get out? Because he’s black? Is that why? Because he’s not driving a Range Rover? Why is there one rule for him and one for me? He did nothing wrong!”

Maddie’s outburst ended up getting both her and Clayton thrown in jail. And even though she said she was just standing up for their rights, Clayton said that’s not how you do it.

Overwhelmed by the press and frustrated over the situation, Clayton told Maddie they needed to go on a break until she gained some perspective. He told Maddie he loved her and, “I get it, you were just trying to stand up for me, but I could’ve gotten shot, OK? That’s what I have to think about. Not whether or not I did or didn’t run through a stop sign. But am I gonna get out of this alive?”

Nashville airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CMT.

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