‘Nashville’ Preview: Maddie Takes Her Battle with Juliette to Twitter

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Better duck and cover, Nashville fans: we’ve got ourselves a good old fashioned Twitter war. Last week, Maddie discovered that Juliette’s new hit single, “Waters Rising,” was intended to be a Maddie James tune before her friend and mentor snatched it for herself. Harsh words were soon exchanged and drinks were flung. On tonight’s episode, it’s revealed that both artists are up for a major music award and, in this exclusive clip, Juliette tries to extend the digital olive branch of peace with a kind tweet. But Maddie isn’t having it, and uses Twitter to fire additional shots back at her rival, writing, “Thanks @juliettebarnes I wrote it myself.”

To the fans and media, who still aren’t aware of Juliette’s song-stealing, Maddie’s note would seem to be a relatively innocuous comment. But the tweet’s target knows exactly what wound Maddie is picking at. “She’s calling me a thief,” Juliette complains to Glenn. “She’s just not saying it outright… yet.” Time will tell where this Twitter war goes next. Maybe Facebook?

Nashville airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CMT.