National Day Parade: Red Lion parachutist stretchered off after landing

Composite image of Red Lion parachutist's landing and wide shot of National Day Parade venue. (SCREENSHOTS: Mediacorp)
The Red Lion parachutist was the last of 10 to land during the National Day Parade 2022. (SCREENSHOTS: Mediacorp)

SINGAPORE — A Red Lion parachuting team member was stretchered off after an awkward landing during the National Day Parade (NDP) at The Float@Marina Bay on Tuesday (9 August).

The parachutist was the final of the 10 Red Lions who landed on the floating platform during an early segment of the parade at around 6.10pm.

He was seen skidding onto the ground instead of landing on his feet, losing his footing in the end and getting entangled in his parachute.

Televised images showed spectators looking on in concern, while the remaining parachutists lined up to take their bows after their landings.

According to Today, the parachutist - 3WO Jeffrey Heng - was carried off the platform on a stretcher by medics. Later on during the NDP show, announcers said that he is in a stable condition, and is alert and conscious.

Last year, a Red Lion parachutist was also seen having a hard landing during a test jump onto a field near Junction 8 mall, after a flag attached to him got caught in the grass.

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