NATO countries consider sending troops to Ukraine, Slovakia opts out – Slovak PM Fico

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico
Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico

Several NATO and EU member states are considering the possibility of deploying their troops to Ukraine as part of bilateral agreements, said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Slovak newspaper Pravda reported on Feb. 26.

Fico’s announcement came following a meeting with the coalition ahead of European leaders conference in Paris to discuss supporting Ukraine.

While Slovakia itself would not take such a step, it would respect the decision of countries willing to send troops to Ukraine, Fico said.

Slovakia will not provide military aid, as “the conflict in Ukraine cannot be solved militarily,”the PM said, adding that Slovakia intends to focus on offering civilian and non-lethal aid, along with continuing assistance to Ukraine in demining efforts.

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European leaders in Paris will discuss “new quality, new scope of support for Ukraine in the next period,” during a meeting on Feb. 26, said Fico.

“The outcomes of the negotiations testify that developments in Ukraine are far from going as expected,” he added.

Ukraine is not negotiating with partners on the use of their armies in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a press conference on Feb. 25.

Fico is known for amplifying Russian narratives, falsely claiming that “the war began in 2014, when Ukrainian Nazis and fascists began killing Russian citizens in Donbas and Luhansk.” He is convinced that Russia would never leave Crimea and the territories it controls.

The Slovak PM believes that Ukraine should surrender part of its territory to Russia to stop the war.

Fico also claimed that “it is better for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate over the next ten years than to kill each other.”

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