Nayara Energy sees 15-20 new petrochemical plants in India in next decade

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By Mohi Narayan

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian private refiner Nayara Energy expects 15-20 new integrated petrochemical plants will start operating in the country in the next decade to meet rising demand for raw materials used in the plastics and clothing industries, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

Ramchandra Namjoshi, head of infrastructure at Nayara Energy, said at the virtual Asian Refining Technology Conference that the new plants would largely be attached to existing refineries.

He added that there would be new greenfield petrochemical plants as well, but did not provide a forecast for the total capacity.

The capacity expansion comes with India's petrochemical consumption expected to triple to around 30 kg per capita over the next 15-20 years, Namjoshi said.

(Reporting by Mohi Narayan; Editing by Kirsten Donovan)

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