Naza Bikes launches the Naza Blade TBR 2013 Edition

Faisal Shah
Malaysia Autos

Naza Bikes and TBR Asia have debuted the first fruit of their partnership since the two brands announced their collaboration last year.

The Naza Blade TBR 2013 Edition, available as a 650cc and 250cc model, is based on the popular Naza Bikes Blade. TBR Asia is the officially appointed Malaysian distributor for Two Brothers Racing, the American purveyor of after market exhaust systems and high performance accessories for bikes.

For this inaugural project, the Blade was jointly developed by Two Brothers Racing, USA, and Naza Bikes, Malaysia, with improved performance and good aesthetics in mind. Aside from updated graphics, the main difference is the use of Two Brothers Racing high performance exhaust system, which is lighter and increases power by 5 per cent.

The bike also features custom designed decals that use strong colours and edgy designs to give the bike a unique Two Brothers Racing flavour. Other upgrades include a newly designed seat and an upgraded brake line though these changes are only available for the 650cc variant. All enhancements added to both bikes come with a 1-year limited warranty. The Naza Blade is based on a model produced by Korean motorcycle manufacturer Hyosung and is the most affordable option on the market.

"The Naza Blade 250cc sports bike has been the best seller in the market since 2011 with more than 120 unit sales per month capturing almost 50 per cent of market share.  Thus far, Naza Bikes has sold a total of 1000 units of the Blade in 2012," said Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Joint Group Executive Chairman of NAZA Group of Companies.

The company has set a target for sales of the 250cc Naza Blade at 2400 units for 2013. To expand production capacity, they are investing RM500,000 in a new production line for the Blade range that is expected to be ready by March 2013. There are also plans to export the Naza Blade 250cc to Cambodia by the first quarter of next year 250 and the Blade 250 cc and 650 cc to Indonesia by the second quarter. Indonesia in particular is seen as a market with great potential as medium income earners seek to upgrade from their current mopeds.

The Naza Blade TBR 2013 Edition - 250R and 650R are priced at RM18,000.00 and RM 26,000.00, respectively.