Nazri: I’ve always been Anwar’s friend

Azril Annuar
Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz voiced today his support for PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — Umno leader Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz voiced today his support for PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, regardless whether or not the Port Dickson MP will succeed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.

Speaking to the press at Parliament today, the Padang Rengas MP stressed that he has always been a “friend and supporter” to Anwar, even during the incoming prime minister’s darkest days.

“I support Anwar Ibrahim. I’ve always supported Anwar Ibrahim. If he becomes the prime minister or not, I support him. I’ve always been his friend.

“As I’ve said, when he went through hardship, I still supported him even though at that time, I was a minister and I didn’t leave Umno,” said Nazri.

He also told the press that he attended Anwar’s daughter and Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah’s wedding.

When asked about the possibility of a unity government between Umno and Pakatan Harapan, Nazri said that nothing was impossible.

“You see, politics in Malaysia is very fluid, dynamic and moves all the time. We can’t say today this shouldn’t happen and all that. A lot of things we didn’t thought of happened. So nothing is impossible. We’ll just watch and see. That’s all,” said Nazri.

However, he also made it clear he will never leave Umno.

Nazri acknowledged that he has been skipping Parliament because he needed some time to get used to be on the other side of the fence, as he has been part of the government since 1995.

“It’s a transitional period and I’ve been in the government since 1995 when I first stood for elections. I’m trying to adjust myself to be an Opposition, but you know, it will take some time.

“But I think I will participate in debates, contributing positively to any bills which I feel I support,” he said.

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