NBA: Cousins fined $50,000 over fan rants

New Orleans Pelicans forward DeMarcus Cousins has been fined $50,000 for separate altercations with fans, the NBA said Thursday.

A statement from NBA executive vice president Kiki VanDeWeghe said the fine related to incidents on Sunday and Monday where Cousins directed "inappropriate language" at fans.

On Sunday, video footage caught Cousins trading barbs with fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Pelicans scored a 105-97 victory against the Lakers.

Cousins was heard uttering an obscenity at fans who had heckled him as "fat boy."

Then on Monday, following the Pelicans' 88-83 loss to the Utah Jazz, Cousins snapped again with a fan shouting abuse.

"Sit your fat ass down," Cousins was heard to tell the fan during the exchange.

Three-time All Star Cousins joined New Orleans from the Sacramento Kings in a trade on February 20.