Near-miss drone attack on Putin’s Sochi heliport shocks Russians

Russian dictator Putin
Russian dictator Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin narrowly escaped danger as a Ukrainian long-range attack drone, named Lutyi (Fierce), struck a heliport near his Sochi residence, just 12 kilometers away, last October, NV’s sister publication Ukrainska Pravda reported on May 13, citing military intelligence (HUR) sources.

“We hit the helipad and damaged several helicopters. But we didn’t know at first that the day before we hit this Adler (Sochi heliport), Putin met there with (Kassym-Jomart) Tokayev (President of Kazakhstan),” the sources said.

“Putin was 12 kilometers from where the second Lutyi hit. This was later confirmed.”

The Russians initially misjudged the origin of the drone, speculating that it might have come from a ship or the mountains of Georgia.

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“They didn’t even realize that it flew directly from Ukraine. And then immediately after that it hit St. Petersburg, which is on the other side of the country,” the launch participant said, describing the attack as a “shock” to the Russians.

Earlier, on Oct. 1, HUR reported that it had successfully conducted a drone strike on a Russian heliport in Sochi’s Adler district.

Later, on Oct. 14, residents of Sochi reported hearing explosions, sparking rumors of another drone attack.

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