Nearly three-quarters of Singapore workers feel prepared to adapt to change

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Understanding the different types of learners can help firms pursue more tailored training to bridge the skills gap: Salesforce

Despite the growing skills gap, 74% of workers in Singapore identify as ‘Future Learners’, according to the 2022 Global Digital Skills Index by customer relationship management solutions provider Salesforce.

Future learners feel prepared to adapt to change and are hopeful about their ability to keep up with the pace. They also want to feel challenged and learn continuously. Ninety-four percent globally report they would stay at their company longer if the company invested in their development.

This group learns best visually, through hands-on activity, and is most set up for success by proactively taking action to advance their digital skills.

Those who do not identify themselves as future learners may fall under two other groups: ‘Face-Value Learners’ and ‘Familiar Learners’.

In Singapore, 11% identify as face-value learners. These individuals view themselves as prepared for today’s digital skills and are less likely to be proactive in acquiring new knowledge like coding, encryption and cybersecurity, and AI.

To help close the digital skills gap among this group, businesses should invest in, and incentivise these employees to participate in training programmes to address the critical workplace digital skills they acknowledge being moderately behind on.

These individuals learn best through visual and interactive activities, and from reading and note-taking throughout training.

As for familiar learners – who make up 15% of the Singapore respondents – they feel prepared to adapt to change and develop the digital skills needed today and in the future.

Operating at a beginner level across digital workplace skills, this group of learners are not actively developing current or future skills such as encryption and cybersecurity or e-commerce and digital trade skills in the workplace.

Since they may be unsure of where to begin, these learners will benefit from having mentors and connecting with future learners eager to help them develop the skills to succeed.

Learner profiles at a glance, according to Salesforce survey
Learner profiles at a glance, according to Salesforce survey

Infographic: Salesforce

“The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and therefore a widening digital skills gap. For businesses as well as individuals, getting a deeper understanding of the different types of digital skills learner profiles can help us pursue more tailored and flexible training in order to help bridge the growing skills gap,” says Sujith Abraham, senior vice president and general manager for Salesforce ASEAN.

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