Negri police chief says Nora Quoirin may have been ‘mobile’, confirms area where body found was scoured

Thasha Jayamanogaran

Negri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop briefs a press conference on Nora Anne Quoirin’s autopsy results in Seremban August 15, 2019. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

SEREMBAN, Aug 15 — The Negri Sembilan police chief this evening confirmed that the search and rescue team did cover the area where Nóra Quoirin’s body was found, however he said the Irish teenager could have been on the move during the period of their search.

Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop told Malay Mail that the area was covered until day seven of Nora’s disappearance.

“We covered that area, since we believed, that she’s alive until day seven. She may have been mobile (moving around).

“After searching the area till day seven, we the concentrated at the Gunung Berembun area after that.

“However during the time we concentrated at Berembun area, a group of volunteer hikers went to the area where we scoured much earlier and they found her,” he clarified.

Mohamad also said police are still investigating on what could have transpired.

“We will continue to investigate and find out what really happened,” he assured.

Meanwhile, he also confirmed again that Nora was found completely unclothed.

He clarified investigators cannot ascertain what she wore before disappearing from The Dusun resort.

“Her parents told us she was last seen on the bed of the resort at 10pm with her undergarment. That statement was taken from her parents.

“However we cannot establish if she disappeared from the resort with or without her undergarment. We have to further investigate all this,” he said.

Mohamad had earlier this afternoon, while revealing the post-mortem results, said Nora suffered intestinal bleeding due to stress and having gone without food for days.

Police had earlier this afternoon, while revealing the post-mortem results, said Nora suffered intestinal bleeding due to stress and having gone without food for days. — AFP pic

He said there were no signs of injuries or violence on her body and concluded that she likely died around two to three days, not more than four days before she was found.

When asked if the cause of death concluded from the autopsy was starvation, Mohamad confirmed this saying: “Yes starvation.”

The Quoirins can claim Nora’s body at any time but Mohamad said they have yet to make preparations.

Mohamad said in the official report the cause of death is written as gastrointestinal bleeding due to duodenal ulcer. 

15-years-old Nora’s body was discovered yesterday just 2km from the resort. 

Nora and her family had arrived in Malaysia on August 3 for a two-week holiday and checked in at The Dusun. The following morning, Nora Anne was found to be missing, a window on the ground floor of the guesthouse they were staying in was left open.

File photo showing the Fire and Rescue K9 unit in action during the search and rescue operation for missing Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin near The Dusun resort in Seremban August 10, 2019. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

A massive search and rescue (SAR) operation was immediately launched and eventually grew to more than 300 policemen, including VAT 69 commandos and members of the famed Senoi Praaq General Operations Force battalion, and various other government authorities, as well as Orang Asli and civilian volunteers.

The search also included tracker dogs from the police and Fire and Rescue Department’s K9 units as well as helicopters equipped with infrared cameras.

The Quoirin family separately issued a statement thanking authorities and search-and-rescue operatives for their efforts in locating their daughter but said they were heartbroken by her death.

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