Neighbor from hell: Singapore man finds pork belly dripping on his washed clothes

Now here’s a new way to piss off your neighbors. A man recently found to his horror that his freshly washed clothes were stained by a row of pork bellies hanging above.

Bob Tan told Coconuts today that he reported the incident to the Chua Chu Kang Town Council this morning after posting photos of the soy sauce-dripping pork bellies hanging outside by his upstairs neighbor at a Bukit Batok block.

“My neighbour hangs pork belly outside the flat’s kitchen window and dirty all my just washed [clothes] with soy sauce,” Tan wrote yesterday.

Tan added that this is the first time this has happened and he didn’t end up confronting the neighbors as they stopped hanging the pork after reporters went over to interview them.

Tan said he went to check the laundry yesterday morning and saw brown liquids dripping from above. He thought it was coffee at first until he went out to check.

The incident is not only unhygienic but also insensitive, especially to Muslims.

“No basic respect to other neighbours and not sensitive to other religion and beliefs,” André Poh commented on Facebook.

Even a meme was created in Reddit mockery.

This is not the first time residents were caught letting their juicy meats out to dry. A Jalan Kukoh resident found a whole array of meats including pig organs drying along a housing corridor.

After this story was published, Tan told Coconuts that authorities have given the neighbors a warning letter.

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