Neighbours boss responds to shocking wedding twist in show return

Major Neighbours spoilers follow from the show's return episode, which is available to stream now on Amazon Freevee. Readers who haven't seen the episode yet may prefer to avoid these storyline details.

Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison has spoken about the show's surprising wedding twist for the first time.

The Australian soap's big return episode ended with a major cliffhanger, as viewers discovered that two unlikely characters are tying the knot.

When we last saw the residents of Ramsay Street in the finale episode in July 2022, Toadie Rebecchi was happily exchanging vows with Melanie Pearson. Meanwhile, resident bad boy Paul Robinson enjoyed a reunion with Terese Willis.

Two years have passed in Erinsborough since the finale episode and things are now looking very different. In the closing moments of Monday's visit to Ramsay Street, Toadie and Terese were seen preparing to marry after splitting from Melanie and Paul respectively.

ryan moloney as toadie rebecchi in neighbours
Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

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Long-term fans will know that Toadie and Terese have rarely shared screen time over the years, so there are sure to be plenty of questions over how they ended up together.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Jason explained: "Well, look, what can I say? We're doing a two-year time jump. Certainly I thought to myself: 'Well, what if two years of the show had played out? What would have happened if we had seen every twist and turn?' Certainly it's very, very possible for unexpected people to get together.

"With that in mind, I looked at the cast and the characters and it really occurred to me that we had two characters who have been on the show for a very long time that the audience are very invested in, but they've never actually looked twice at each other, and wouldn't it be incredible if those two people had found unexpected love?

"So, we do begin the show with a wedding. We all love a wedding. The show began in 1985 with a wedding and it ended in 2022 with a wedding, so it felt really fitting that we'd come back with a wedding."

rebekah elmaloglou as terese willis in neighbours
Fremantle / Amazon Freevee

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He continued: "It's a very unexpected pairing. The question is: 'How did this happen? We last saw Toadie marry Melanie and Terese reconciling with Paul, so how on earth did they find their way to each other?'

"That's the big story locomotive of the early weeks. We think it's going to be a big shock for the audience there and they are hopefully going to be very, very invested in finding out the answer to this.

"As we go along, as we travel with the characters in the early weeks, we find out more and more about how they got together. It will all lead to a big event that we will then unpack in greater detail.

"That will ultimately answer the mystery of 'what became of Melanie, why did she leave?' 'Why have a few other people left town?' All will be revealed a few weeks into the show."

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