Netflix is bringing Hades, Braid and Death's Door to mobile devices

More games based on the company's shows and movies are on the way too.

Netflix now has more than 80 games that subscribers can dive into at no extra cost on iOS and Android (and TVs and desktops, in some cases). As part of its Geeked Week event, the company has revealed some more titles that are on the way to the service, including some indie classics.

Hades, one of the very best games of 2020, will soon be available to Netflix subscribers on iOS, but not Android for the time being. It's a rogue-lite dungeon crawler that places a heavy emphasis on replayability.

You'll play as Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld. Whenever he dies (which will probably be often to begin with), he'll go back to the beginning. It's different every time you play, but you'll carry knowledge — and some weapons and abilities — from one run into the next. The Hugo award-winning Hades has a rich cast of characters too. It's a real treat, and you might find yourself sinking hundreds of hours into this one.

Classic time-manipulation platformer Braid is on the way to iOS and Android for Netflix users. The long-delayed Braid, Anniversary Edition features upgraded audio, hand-repainted visuals, fresh animations "and a whole new world of puzzles to solve." In a neat touch, there will also be over 15 hours of commentary that delves into game design, programming and other aspects of development. Braid creator Jonathan Blow revealed that the new edition of Braid is coming to Netflix Games, Windows, PlayStation and Xbox on April 30.

Death's Door was one of the standout indies of 2021, and the Zelda-esque adventure title will soon be a mobile exclusive for Netflix subscribers. You control a crow that's tasked with collecting souls for the Reaping Commission Headquarters, a bureaucratic entity in the afterlife.

Slick action platformer Katana Zero is on the way to Netflix Games too, along with a string of titles based on the company's shows and movies. Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold, which is set between the first two seasons of the show, is available now. Top-down heist game Chicken Run: Eggstraction and co-op action RPG The Dragon Prince: Xadia will arrive in 2024.

A game based on one of Netflix's biggest hits is coming soon too. In Money Heist, you'll get to take part in a version of the heist from the franchise's original series. Netflix says the game will arrive alongside spinoff series Berlin.