How did Tammy Daybell die in Netflix's Sins of Our Mother?

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Netflix is back with another true crime offering: chilling three-part documentary, Sins of Our Mother.

Released last week (14 September), the three-part series focuses on the shocking story of Lori Vallow Daybell who stands accused of murdering two of her children, Tylee Ryan, 16, and JJ Vallow, seven.

The 49-year-old mother is currently in jail waiting to stand trial for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of her fourth husband (Charles Vallow) and her fifth husband’s wife (Tammy Daybell) as well as her two youngest children.

Tammy was originally thought to have 'died in her sleep', with police later becoming suspicious over the circumstances. So, what do we know about Tammy's cause of death?

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Sins of Our Mother: How did Tammy Daybell die?

Tammy Daybell was the wife of Lori's fifth husband, Chad Daybell. In October 2019, around the same time that Lori's children went missing, Tammy (who was married to Chad at the time) 'died in her sleep'.

However, when Lori and Chad secretly married in Hawaii two weeks after Tammy's death, police became suspicious that Tammy didn't die of natural causes after all – and that the new couple may have murdered her and skipped town.

As for how Tammy died, a coroner initially determined the cause of her death to be natural. According to reports, the coroner listed Tammy’s immediate cause of death as a cardiac event. It was also reported that pulmonary edema - caused by too much fluid in the lungs - was a condition leading to Tammy's death.

In December 2019, police began to find Tammy's death suspicious. Her body was exhumed in order for an autopsy to take place, although the results have not been publicly released. However, in an interview with CBS, Tammy's son Garth Daybell reportedly said he was told that his mother had been "asphyxiated" (when someone dies by being deprived of air).

Elsewhere in the case, court documents reportedly revealed that Lori Vallow's now-deceased brother Alex Cox attempted to shoot Tammy around ten days before she died.

Lori Vallow Daybell and current husband Chad Daybell now both face charges related to Tammy's death.

Sins of Our Mother is streaming now on Netflix.

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