Netizens slam Hong Kong actress Ali Lee's political views amid protests

Actress Ali Lee attends the Hong Kong #Ultimune Launch Event on June 1, 2018 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images for SHISEIDO)

With the ongoing Hong Kong protests, many celebrities have split their views among two camps, with each side voicing support and distrust of the Chinese government respectively. Some celebs, like action star Jackie Chan, even feigned ignorance about the protests. Another celeb who’s facing the wrath of netizens is TVB actress and spokesperson Ali Lee, for supposedly voicing pro-democracy sentiments.

In response to her critics, she recently posted on her Instagram accompanied by a picture of moving clouds. According to a translation by Jayne Stars, she wrote, "Feeling spiritually and physically tired during these days of consecutive overnight filming. Every time I see disturbing conflicts happening, I honestly feel so heartbroken. I’m personally not good at words, but after seeing many untruthful news, I want to stop the commotion so I’ll make a clarification. Any pro-Hong Kong accusations, in fact these actual two words, have never popped up in my head or heart. There’s never been any, and definitely isn’t any now. I don’t want to see any misunderstanding and further conflicts. I only want to see a peaceful, worry-free and supportive Hong Kong.”


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Ali added: "Hope human-to-human interaction can have a bit more love and less conflict. I’ve also got to thank my fans for supporting me all this time and the people who are concerned about me. I am moved that everyone is so worried about me, as it has made me feel very loved. As an artiste, I hope that those who cherish me will not face further stress. I will continue working hard in my career."

Her views had attracted netizens who posted messages on her Weibo account to attack her. Some even suggested that China’s mobile and online payment platform Alipay should stop using her as a spokesperson for Hong Kong.