Netizens file police report after video of man going berserk pounding dog, surfaces


KUALA LUMPUR: Angry netizens have lodged police reports on a man who they have claimed abused a guard dog in Taman Melody, Bandar Kinrara in Puchong today.

In the 8.50pm incident on Sunday, a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) captured footage of the abuse, clearly triggered by the man’s uncontrollable anger.

The man was seen cycling into the guarded residence area when the dog, on a leash, had barked at him near the guard post.

The dog broke free from the leash and charged towards him, causing the man to fall from his bicycle.

Enraged, he grabbed the dog by its neck and hammered the animal continuously with his bare fist.

A female security guard and a resident were seen scolding him but to no avail.

He continued to strike the dog and at one point, he grabbed a motorcycle helmet nearby and repeatedly bashed the dog with it.

He then carried the dog behind the guard post.

It is believed that the dog had run to hide in the guardhouse but the man walked in and continued to trounce the poor dog.

Probably spent, the man was seen giving the security guard a piece of his mind before picking up his bicycle and leaving.

Netizens, in particular animal lovers had made the CCTV footage. Even the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page had shared the video. The canine welfare initiative also uploaded a police report they had made earlier at 2.26pm at the Bandar Kinrara police station.

Most were irked by the incident and condemned the man for his savage act. The video, uploaded today on the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page has since garnered 73,000 views and more than 2,800 shares.

According to a concerned netizen who had gone to check on the dog, the individual reported that “it seems fine with no major injuries, still a very happy and friendly baby.”