Netizens Find Indian Dad's Hand-written Notes On 'How To Book Uber' Adorable

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The digital world has everything and everyone on screens. Be it food, clothes, services or commute, you have to interact with devices to make it happen. It is only natural for some boomers and even millennials to struggle with these technologies since they belong to an era when paper was still dominant.

A Twitter user named Rahul Gupta shared a picture of his dad’s diary that contains steps on how to book an Uber through the mobile application. The count starts from the very basic step of opening the app, and ends on “Then our ride will be booked.”

Sharing the picture, Rahul, in the caption, wrote, “My dad’s notes on how to book an Uber.” Since shared, the picture has garnered more than 8,800 likes and roughly 400 retweets.

Take a look:

The tweet received a plethora of reactions from the netizens who adored the note-making done by Rahul’s dad. One user wrote, “Super Sweet Daddy.” Another wrote, “Adorable how elders struggle with fast-changing technology.”

Many users related to Rahul and shared about their parents doing something similar. “My mum has similar notes for basically every app she uses – WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.,” wrote one user.

Another user shared about his dad getting a kick out of printing every official document, which can be saved or downloaded digitally.

One user devised a tip for the cab service to provide written steps on a card for elderly customers. “Paper >>> Technology,” he wrote.

Some people supported the idea of making these service applications more elderly-friendly.

What do you think about this adorable habit of note-making?

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