Netizens joke about Jackie Chan 'killing' Hong Kong Airlines brand

4 Dec– Although many are worried about the situation concerning Hong Kong Airlines, which is currently fighting for survival, some netizens have now found humour in the idea that it has something to do with Jackie Chan being its official spokesperson.

As reported on Epoch Times, it was recently revealed that the airline has been facing several financial difficulties stemming from the ongoing Sino-US trade conflict made worse by the Hong Kong protests. The Hong Kong's Transport and Housing Board (THB) has also given the airline five days to raise money and pay half of their staff salaries or face suspension or revocation of operating license.

Amid the dire situation, some netizens joked that that's what happens when a company hires Jackie Chan as its endorser.

Many of these netizens took to Hong Kong Airlines' official Facebook, saying that they have hired the wrong spokesperson, saying that the kung fu star is known to be a "brand killer".

They also shared some instances where brands that the actor were associated with failed or closed operations, including the well-known gym California Fitness, the herbal shampoo brand BaWang, the electronics brand Ai-duo VCD, food company Synear, and Fen Huang Cola - the latter which ultimately closed in 2001 after falling sales.

It is noted, however, that most of these companies suspended operations not because of Jackie, but because of their own issues. For example, the Beijing authorities found golden staph bacteria in Synear's products, while Ai-duo VCD electronics were plagued by lawsuits before its shutdown.

Hong Kong Airlines, which was established in 2006 as a member of the HNA Group, elected Jackie as a spokesperson back in 2017. Its issues started in late 2018, when co-chairmen Mung and Zhang Kui resigned, and was replaced by former VP of Hainan Airlines' Hou Wei.

(Photo Source: Pax Editions)